Tower Crane

Tower Crane

  • flat-top tower crane

    flat-top tower crane

    Main features

    1. The tower crane is topless, so it is high in space utilization and appropriate to operations of cranes in cluster.

    2.Without jibs and tie rods, the height of tower erection is low, and the jibs can be assembled in height to decrease the requirement of the assembling operation for hoisting equipment;

    3.The upper chord rod of jib is tensioned while the lower chord rod is compressed in single direction, thus to reduce the possibility of fatigue and loss of stabilization to prolong the service life of the structure.

  • Topkit tower crane

    Topkit tower crane

    Main features

    The tipped tower crane balance arm and boom are connected to the top of the tower by tie rods. Compared with the flat-head tower crane, its boom is lighter in weight, simple in structure, and stable. 

  • Luffing tower crane

    Luffing tower crane

    Main features:

    1. Luffing boom-type tower crane realizes luffing through jib pitching, thus to reduce the working space effectively to avoid intrusion into others’ space.

    2. Mutual interference of tower crane jib can be avoided during tower group operation. 

  • Tower Crane Mast Section

    Tower Crane Mast Section

    It is a metal lattice structure with a normally square section, whose main mission is to provide the tower crane with sufficient height.It is used for the main structure of various types of tower cranes produced by our company.