Tower crane monitoring system

Tower crane monitoring system

Safety production supervision measures

● Early warning, alarm, SMS supervision;

● Put an end to imposters, substitute workers, unlicensed operations, and one certificate for multiple purposes;

● Fingerprint recognition, remote capture, accurate comparison;

● Black box function, clear responsibility tracking;

● Lifting and disassembly, automatic monitoring

● Back hanging, reverse hanging, blind hanging monitoring

Tower crane function

1. Black box data record

2. Real-time data upload

3. Operation status monitoring

4. Voice warning、alarm

5. Driver identification

6. Overturning alarm

7. Forbidden zone and protection zone setting

8. Multi-machine anti-collision

9. Jacking.disassembly monitoring

10. Remote control

11. Remote upgrade program

12. Push announcement information remotely

13. Power-off data transmission

Tower crane data collection

1. Load

2. Torque, torque ratio

3. Corner

4. Height

5. Ampl itude

6. Wind speed

7. Pitch angle

8. Hor izontal incl inat ion

9. Lifting/removing action

Monitoring host (tower crane/lift)

The monitor size is only 25×20×8.5 (cm), and the corresponding processing is performed after receiving the digital signal of the data collector. Finally, the working status of the tower crane/lift is displayed vividly on the 7-inch display screen, and all terminal operations are completed by touch

Intelligent dynamic display and alarm function of monitoring host

Monitor the operational safety indicators of a single tower crane or elevator, including hoisting weight, elevator load, lifting moment, tower crane luffing, tower crane, elevator height, tower crane working slewing angle, tower body inclination angle and operating environment wind speed, near the rated limit Voice warning and alarm will be issued at the time.

Operator fingerprint verification and photo capture

The terminal can collect the fingerprint information of the operator of the tower crane and the elevator, and compare it with the fingerprint data filed on the monitoring platform to determine the identity of the operator, laying a foundation for further improving the management of the operator. Take photos regularly for the attendance of the tower crane and elevator drivers to determine whether the tower crane or elevator driver is operating. Remote inspections can be carried out from time to time to avoid illegal operations by other non-certified drivers.

Remote real-time monitoring of tower crane status

According to the on-site parameter data, the tower crane's lifting weight, torque, lifting height, amplitude, rotation angle, operating stroke, alarm, fault, violation, collision and other information operation status are simulated in real time by animation.

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