The group company’s legal work conference was held

The group company’s legal work conference was held

On November 23, a special meeting on legal affairs of Guangxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. was held in the meeting room 2301 of Jiangong Building. The meeting focused on the risk prevention and control of construction enterprise projects and the work of cases involving litigation, analysis of existing problems and difficulties, and deployment of future work , Put forward clear requirements. Jin Ningyun, Executive President of Greenland Infrastructure Group, Chairman of the Group, and Secretary of the Party Committee attended and delivered a speech. Members of the home leadership team Luo Tao, Chen Lisong, Hou Lilin, Lai Yu, Li Jingdan, Lu Zhibin, and Huang Ming attended, and Yu Zhongyuan, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, presided over.

After listening to reports on the work of various construction and installation enterprises, Jinningyun analyzed the situation and existing problems in the legal work of the construction and installation enterprises of the group, and required all construction and installation enterprises to firmly establish a high-quality development awareness, attach great importance to legal work, and take extraordinary measures to provide full assistance. Promote the steady development of enterprises. He requested that, first, we must improve the relevant contract templates and strictly control operational risks. Summarize the problems encountered in operation, further standardize contract standards, and improve the level of contract performance. Second, we must consolidate responsibilities and comprehensively respond to major litigation-related cases. It is necessary to consolidate the responsibilities of the group leader in charge as the person in charge, the chairman of the subsidiary as the first person in charge, and the leader in charge as the directly responsible person, conduct in-depth research, implement policies in accordance with the case, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the enterprise. Third, we must take effective measures to intensify the investigation and punishment of violations of regulations and disciplines. It is necessary to use a variety of methods to conduct a thorough investigation of violations of laws, disciplines and regulations, and distinguish between responsibilities, accountability for those who should be held accountable, and prosecution for those who should be prosecuted. Fourth, we must improve our ideological position and strictly implement the “11 items” for high-quality development. On the basis of full implementation, it is necessary to highlight the implementation of the project management model of “inside the wall and outside the wall”, clarify the boundaries of responsibilities, clarify the division of responsibilities, improve the level of project management, and prevent the risk of project losses.


At the meeting, members of the leadership team of the group company respectively put forward their requirements, the main persons in charge of the construction and installation enterprises made reports, and the heads of the legal affairs department and operation management department of the group company headquarters reported the relevant situation.

The chairman of the board of directors of the group’s construction and installation enterprises, the leaders in charge of legal affairs, and the main persons in charge of legal affairs departments attended the meeting.

Post time: Dec-03-2021