The company’s CRM customer relationship management system project started construction

The company’s CRM customer relationship management system project started construction

On January 6, the company’s CRM customer relationship management system project kick-off meeting was held in the conference room on the third floor. Qi Dashan, the company’s deputy general manager, attended and delivered a speech.
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Qi Dashan listened carefully to the report on project implementation methods and methods, fully affirmed the project implementation plan, and put forward four requirements for project implementation. First, we must raise awareness and attach great importance to it. Company employees must attach great importance to the implementation of the CRM system, actively learn and master new systems, new models, and new tools, empower through digital and informatization methods, effectively improve business capabilities and service levels, and tap more high-value and high-loyal customers. Ensure the rapid growth of the company’s operating performance. Second, we must clarify the division of labor and accelerate progress. The implementation cycle is urgent. Relevant units and departments must consolidate their main responsibilities, clarify the division of responsibilities and important time points, fully cooperate with the implementation team to carry out various tasks, and use system tools to optimize human resources and improve operational management efficiency. Third, we must innovate thinking and pay attention to practical results. The implementation team and the operating unit should combine the actual business conditions, grasp the characteristics of the system, use the system functions flexibly, propose a more efficient, rigorous and innovative management model, and deeply integrate the line work with informatization to form a demonstrative integration Innovative applications. Fourth, we must focus on training and strengthen application. The project team and related units should pay attention to training methods and training quality in the implementation of the project, seize the spring training opportunity, expand knowledge dissemination channels, carry out knowledge explanation and operation application training in multiple ways and measures, and help operators improve the level of digital management and build A sales team with strong quality, high ability and hard work style.

It is reported that the CRM customer relationship management system is customer-centric, based on the entire process of the customer life cycle, using collaborative technologies, concepts and information methods to help companies better acquire customers, retain customers, enhance customer value, and improve customer satisfaction And loyalty, thereby comprehensively improving the competitiveness and profitability of the enterprise. The implementation of this system is an important part of the company’s “1+N” digital management platform, which further connects production and business operations, and promotes the company’s business operations towards refined and digital management.

A total of 40 people from the company’s technology management department, operation management department, smart shopping mall, leasing company, security branch and various sales branches participated.


Post time: Jan-06-2022