Liang Fashen went to Wuming production base for investigation and guidance

Liang Fashen went to Wuming production base for investigation and guidance

On September 14, the company’s chairman and party secretary Liang Fashen visited the Wuming production base for investigation and guidance, accompanied by Huang Jiasen, general manager of Lifting Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Su Weihua, general manager of Guangxi Construction Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd.

 Survey site

Liang Fashen came to the workshop production site and the construction site of the technical renovation project to learn more about the project progress and production status of the high-frequency longitudinal welded pipe production line, the strip steel Kaiping laser cutting line, the technical renovation and upgrading of the standard section coating line, and then proceeded with the technical renovation project. And put forward five requirements for the future development of Wuming Base.

First, we must strengthen the sense of responsibility, and coordinate the promotion of the construction of technological transformation projects.
It is necessary to implement construction plans and plans as soon as possible, improve the allocation of manpower and material resources, and ensure the orderly progress of technological transformation projects. With the goal of building a model production base, we will optimize the technological process, actively promote reform and innovation, and continue to grow and expand the company's scale.

Second, we must continue to carry out cost reduction and efficiency enhancement work in depth.
Focus on profit creation, strengthen inventory management, do a good job in production facilities, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and continuously improve profitability.

Third, we must strengthen market awareness, continuously improve the internal management mechanism, and improve the level of refined management.
Taking the opening of the new company as an opportunity, formulate a new organizational structure and operating mechanism suitable for the future development of the new company, further stimulate motivation and vitality, better exert subjective initiative, enhance team combat effectiveness, and provide a strong guarantee for production and operation. ​

Fourth, we must strengthen quality and safety management and enhance corporate image.
Quality and safety are related to the image of an enterprise. It is necessary to establish brand awareness, actively face the problems found in the work, establish a rectification list, and do a good job in problem rectification. Carefully analyze the cause of the problem, accumulate experience and lessons in the process of solving the problem, draw inferences from one another, and prevent similar problems from recurring. It is necessary to start from the details, further consolidate the foundation of quality management, and continuously improve product quality, so that product quality is in a leading position in the industry. Fifth, continue to promote the construction of the factory appearance and appearance, so as to be uniform, horizontal and vertical. It is necessary to further improve the workshop environment, do a good job of 5S management on the production site, make the workshop neat and beautiful, and strive to build a garden-style production base

Post time: Sep-14-2021