Innovation Drives Development Technology Helps Double Cycle

Innovation Drives Development Technology Helps Double Cycle

As the only special equipment manufacturing company engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, installation, transformation, maintenance and service of tower cranes, construction hoists, attached lifting scaffolds, smart parking equipment and other products in Greenland Infrastructure Construction, Guangxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is at home and abroad The industry enjoys a high reputation. It is a national high-tech enterprise and one of the first domestic manufacturers to obtain a national special equipment manufacturing license. Its comprehensive strength ranks fourth in the industry.

The company has accumulatively obtained 257 national invention and utility model patents, presided over and participated in the compilation of 53 national and industry standards, and successively won the National Science and Technology Award, the National Science Conference Award, the Guangxi Science and Technology Progress Award, and the Guangxi First Innovation Competition Award at provincial and ministerial levels. The above 55 scientific research honors.

Guangxi Construction Machinery has established a marketing service network covering the whole country and extending to more than 30 countries overseas. It has a sufficient voice in the industry market and has been rated as one of the “Top Ten National Tower Crane User Satisfaction” and “Top Ten Most Trusted by Consumers” for many years. “Quality Brand”, “China Quality Credit Enterprise AA+” AA+ Class Honorary Title, “National Construction Machinery Quality Credit Guaranteed Supplier”, “China Construction Machinery Product Innovation Enterprise”, “Guangxi Industrial Enterprise Quality Management Benchmark” and “Guangxi “Export Famous Brand” enterprise.

In recent years, Guangxi Construction Machinery has exported all-steel attached lifting scaffolds, tower cranes and other products to Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines through shipping and international automobile combined transportation. In the first half of 2021, the company’s overseas business increased by 40.65% year-on-year.

Behind the strong sales of products at home and abroad, it is a vivid manifestation of Guangxi Construction Machinery’s continuous pursuit of technological innovation for decades, and it is the high recognition of the core competitiveness of the enterprise by the domestic and overseas markets. Especially in the “post-epidemic period”, under the situation of increasingly stringent safety requirements, Guangxi Construction Machinery’s products have been integrated into the domestic and international dual cycle with technical strength superior to national standards and European standards, and transported “Guangxi Construction Machinery” to domestic and foreign countries. Program”.

Post time: Aug-04-2021