[Guangxi Construction Machinery·2021] New weather in January, starting a new journey

[Guangxi Construction Machinery·2021] New weather in January, starting a new journey

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In 2021, the challenges will be severe and extraordinary. We will stand up to the fore amidst the turmoil and thunder; great and happy events will continue, and we will continue to write our chapters in courage and determination!
In the near future, the company will use the “Guangxi Construction Machinery 2021″ series to take stock of the great events and happy events in 2021, and relive the wonderful moments. The following is a review of January, please read it.

The company’s new large infrastructure hoisting tool-TCT7535 tower crane

At the beginning of the new year, the company launched a new “hoisting” tool-TCT7535 tower crane, which effectively solves the problems of “high, large and difficult” and realizes the functions of “stable”, “quasi” and “fast”.
The company first launched an integrally adjustable tilting construction hoist

The company is the first in the industry to launch the SC200/200 tilting construction hoist with a wide range of stepless angle adjustment of the whole machine. This product is specially tailored for construction projects with slopes, which can realize multi-component and multi-angle combination, and the whole machine can be steplessly adjusted in a wide range of 0-12 degrees, which is particularly applicable.
The signing of the signing platform went live

On January 22, the company’s signing and signing platform was officially launched, which means that the company’s foreign economic contracts are gradually canceling offline signing and fully adopting online signing to achieve faster, more convenient and safer contract signing.
The company added 2 types of training operations

According to the relevant documents issued by the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of the Autonomous Region, the company’s special construction workers’ training qualifications have been added to the “Building Shelf Worker (Ordinary Scaffolding)” and “Construction Electrician” training qualifications. Chapter.

Post time: Dec-10-2021