Lifting Scaffold

Lifting Scaffold

  • AL02B All-steel Attached Lifting Scaffold

    AL02B All-steel Attached Lifting Scaffold

    Product description

    It is an external scaffold with anti overturning and anti falling devices, which is erected at a certain height and attached to the engineering structure, and can climb or fall layer by layer with the engineering structure by relying on its own lifting equipment and devices.

  • All-steel Attached Lifting Scaffold

    All-steel Attached Lifting Scaffold

    What is attached lifting scaffold?

    Attached lifting scaffolding is also called lifting frame. According to its power source, it can be divided into hydraulic type, electric type, manual hand-pull type and other main categories. It mainly consists of frame, bottom truss of frame, frame structure, attached support structure, and fall prevention The composition of equipment, lifting equipment, etc.