Construction elevator monitoring system

Construction elevator monitoring system

Lift function

1. Black box data record

2. Real-time data upload

3. Operation status monitoring

4. Voice warning/alarm

5. Driver identification

6. Rushing alarm

7. Floor reminder

8. remote control

9. Remote upgrade program

10. Push announcement information remotely

11. Automatic identification of the number of people

12. Inverter interaction

Remote real-time monitoring of elevator status

Monitor elevator load data, operating status (ascending, descending, hovering, lowest part, topmost), operating speed, current operating driver and other key information, and carry out real-time monitoring.

Remote monitoring platform-mechanical historical data playback

The data within the selected period of time (30 days) can be simulated by animation. The platform requires the rendering of the simulation tower crane operation: the lifting weight, torque, lifting height, amplitude, rotation angle, running stroke, alarm, fault, violation, collision, protection area and other information of the tower crane are simulated in real time in an animated manner.

The platform can query historical data of tower cranes and elevators (historical data is retained for more than 1 year or longer depending on the server space and the number of tower cranes).

Remote monitoring platform-effective control of special operators

Combining the registration of the driver and the safety certification of the terminal, collecting and displaying the images of the current online driver, the platform can effectively control the operation of the tower crane by the non-certified personnel.

Remote monitoring platform-data statistics function

Make detailed statistics of crane alarms, violations, failures, offline, torque, etc. with statistical graphs. Various comprehensive queries can be made as needed, and written reports and electronic forms can be output.

Effectively improve the efficiency of supervision!